Peace by Peace

Cowshit Lane

My most recent horoscope said an issue from the past was going to resurface in my life so I would have a chance to fully heal. Oh THAT sounds like fun, right? Besides, horoscopes are mostly complete bullshit, right? Huh. In the space of two weeks, three exceedingly toxic, suck-you-dry-then toss-your-withered-corpse-aside-persons made a surprise reappearance […]

Cost vs. Value or Why Wal-Mart Perpetuates the Cycle of Poverty

I am going to start this post by apologizing if I come across as preachy or patronizing. I get so flipping angry when people are taken advantage of by those with superior knowledge or power, which leads directly into the following rant… ┬áIt seems obvious but any company that hands out a Food Stamp application […]

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