Cipollini Onion Candy!
Cooking & Kitchen Basics

“I’ll Have What SHE’S Having”

Today we’re going to talk about the “O” word. No, not THAT “O” word! lol! Onions! Onions are a versatile vegetable that can stand alone or added to dishes to create an added layer of flavor. Often misunderstood and mistreated, today’s blog will address some of the common questions and give you some handy tips! […]

Pepper, hummus, avocado, & tomato sandwich- yum!
Cooking & Kitchen Basics

A Plethora of Plenty!

Farmers’ Markets, CSA weekly deliveries, our own gardens gone berserk! Even Costco has monster-sized produce.  It is so easy to throw away food without even thinking.  I am as guilty as the next person. Here are some ideas to capture the goodness so you can savor it for later! When cooking your wonderful humanely raised […]

Winter Vegetable Gratin 2.0

This healthy and scrumptious recipe came to me via a dear friend who actually hates turnips. I’m not all that crazy about them myself, but they are delicious in this recipe! Feel free to use any combination of root vegetables: sweet potatoes, parsnips, onions, carrots, potatoes, turnips, etc. The original recipe called for gruyere cheese and low fat milk. […]

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